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Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Amsterdam. Best hotels for max points?

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Feb 1, 2010
Unsure if this should go here or in the hotels section. That's what moderators are for I suppose.

We're spending 20 nights in the above countries at the end of this year.

Are there chains that cover all countires, that are mid range? Prefer better than Holiday Inn Express but not quite up to Hilton. Think between $150-200 night give or take.

It seems to me that we should be looking for the best deal to get some free nights so should attempt to stick to one chain. So far I've not been able to spot one chain that does the lot, in the places we are staying (mainly city centre) or maybe its because my eyes have failed after reading hundreds of reviews.

Vinomofo is the best wine deals site on the planet. Good wines, real people and epic deals, without all the bowties and bs.

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Not open for further replies.