General Queries on OneWorld Award RTW

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by MENDI, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. MENDI

    MENDI Newbie

    Jul 9, 2006
    Medium time lurker,first time poster so please be gentle on me.I'm QP NB with occasional forays into silver. Probably 6-10 domestic trips per year with overseas trip every five years or so.I find this forum very interesting but given the relatively small amount of flying I do I can't take advantage of all the tips.

    I am flying an Award RTW over Sep/Oct.
    TSV-CNS QF2302 30/9
    CNS-HKG CX102 4/10
    HKG-LHR BA28 5/10
    LHR-BIO IB4121 5/10
    BIO-MAD IB423 21/10
    MAD-LHR BA455 22/10
    LHR-LAX BA279 22/10
    LAX-NAN QF3838 22/10
    NAN-SYD QF392 24/10
    SYD-BNE QF530 24/10
    BNE-TSV QF976 24/10

    Now my questions:
    1 Checked Baggage
    I believe I will be entitled to 2 checked bags all the way around but given the recent advice from BA I should stick to a maximum 23 kg each all the way (if I have 2 bags). All agree?

    2 Hand Luggage
    As far as I can make out I can take a laptop and one bag(7 kg?) on all flights except those from QF? or do they turn a blind eye to laptops?

    3 I am assuming that I can check my luggage through from CNS to BIO even though I have 11 hours in LHR on the way. Is that the case?

    4 I haven't been to the USA since 9/11 and thus not aware of all the security issues.My understanding is that on arrival in LAX will have to collect checked baggage and have digital fingerprinting, etc. Is that the case and how long is it likely to take? How much time should I allow to check-in etc?

    5 Have got around 11 hours in LAX and I am thinking of getting a room in a nearby hotel for that time. Any recommendations for a reasonably priced option? Given that the QP will be in temporary premises and the general quality of USA lounges I probably won't spend much time there.

    6 Visas - Having a Machine Readable Australian Passport I believe I don't need Visas for USA/Spain/England. Agree?

    7 WiFi - I'm assuming that most terminals/QP will have WIFi (free?). Any comments?

    8 I've got most long haul seats allocated. Can I get CX seats allocated now?

    Hope you guys can help.


  2. Dave Noble

    Dave Noble Senior Member

    Oct 10, 2005
    #2 Dave Noble, Jul 10, 2006
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2006
    You should have no problem with a small laptop bag ime.

    As long as it is not an overnight stop, then should be no probs

    All of these are on arrival into LAX and do not affect check in. When you check in in London, they should be able to tag the bags all the way to NAN. On arrival in LAX you go through immigration , get fingerprinted, collect bags and then drop them off on the conveyor belt for onward connections. No need to actually check in again. Do get back 90 mins before your departure to NAN in case security is busy

    The Crowne Plaza is v close and the Hilton is fairly nice; there are a large number of hotels just nearby depending on what you want

    You can enter the USA under the Visa Waiver Programme and no need for a visa for UK; not sure on Spain

    Not an assumption I would make, but some places do

    Give them a call and ask. CX do offer seat allocation, but also do/used to not offer it on some fares

  3. Optics

    Optics Member

    Mar 14, 2006
    There is no visa required for Spain.

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