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Freycinet wineries

CLT Aussie

Jun 10, 2015
Hi everyone – I am heading to Tasmania for about a week and thought I would check in with the experts for recommendations about wineries near Freycinet. I know of Springvale, so will definitely be heading there, but of the others in the area, I don’t know them well. With thanks to @Steady , Freycinet and Devil’s Corner are also on the list. Any others? Or ideas for where to eat? We are staying at Freycinet Lodge so will eat mostly in the park once we arrive, but if one of the wineries is great for lunch, or a good cafe etc that would be great to know.

We are spending a few days in Hobart and will do Pooley, Riversdale, Stefano Lubiana and Frogmore while we are there, if that helps to give you an idea of the type of wine we like. We are then heading to Cradle Mountain for a couple of nights – weather dependant we will either be hiking or going around the Tamar Valley. After that, heading to Freycinet on the 25th, so we will call ahead to make sure wineries are open.

Any suggestions on a good bottleshop in Hobart (we are staying near Constitution Dock) for a bottle or two to take up to Cradle Mountain would also be appreciated!

Over to you and thanks in advance!


Nov 12, 2012
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Here's the east coast wine trail:

Spring Vale is OK, worth a stop; Gala also if you want a bit of variety. Devil's Corner (Brown Brothers) is definitely worth a stop, preferably for lunch - great views of Freycinet. There are several eating choices there, seafood, pizza etc; should still be open, as the tourist season gets longer & longer. Its all outside, cafe style, so if its a rainy day, think of getting lunch at Swansea if you are coming from the south. Also a plug - the East Coast Heritage Museum there is worth a look :)

Possibly the best wine is just after Devil's Corner, namely Freycinet. Don't miss it; more expensive to buy though.

Abt 1km before the turn-off to the Freycinet Peninsula from the south, stop at the 'Pondering Frog' and say hi to Lester & Colette - ice creams, lunches also if that's your timing, devonshire teas etc.

I sold my place at Coles Bay over a year ago, so i'm a bit out of touch, but check out the local tourism web site: ... for places to eat etc. The Marine Farm should still be open for fresh oysters, mussels etc. its on the road in, on the right. The bakery in Coles Bay was always a poor choice when I was there. A much better bakery is a Bicheno, if you are going past there. Also, fuel is VERY expensive in Coles Bay (even for Tasmania! ) - fuel up elsewhere.

On the rest of your itinerary, Pooley and Frogmore both do lunches - Frogmore a bit more substantial .. Pooley is mainly cheese & pizza type. Riversdale also do lunches but not nearly as good as Frogmore, which you go past to get to Riversdale. As you are driving up the Coal River Valley from Frogmore to Pooley, stop at Wicked Cheese, a few km from Pooley. Cheese tastings and heaps of local nibbles and delicacies to stock up on.

I agree with everything Steady said as well. :)

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