Flights from Prague via FRA & BKK to Melbourne In July 2015 best option ??

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Jun 30, 2013
I've redeemed a heap of lifemiles points for a trip to Europe next year. So far i have been lucky getting tickets for 4 pax from MEL/CDG, BCN/LWO in J buying 2 at a time.. However I have only managed to secure 2 tix for the return trip from PRG via FRA, BKK to MEL in J. I can fly Y on the same flights but I dont really want to endure Y whilst the missus is relaxing in J with son No.2.

Another way is to break up the flights into the 3 segments and fly Y from PRG to FRA for the short flight. F from FRA to BKK and J from BKK to MEL, however that is getting quite pricey.
Another way is to fly using 2 segments to BRU from PRG in Y with SWISS via ZRH and then J from BRU to MEL via BKK linking up with the missus in BKK and on to MEL. TG flight from BRU has the angled flat seats 180 degrees.. All the other options dont have truly flat seats. -(CPH,ROM,OSL) - Munich to BKK on the date i need is also not available.

i have been waiting for 6 weeks for further seats to open up from FRA to BKK in J with TG (on the 380) however I am not sure it will release more J seats on that flight . (This is the flight that is the problem.) I dont have the option of flying on different dates back to MEL. I need to pull the trigger soon because Europe to Europe flights are going up in October 15 with the new reward chart.

is there an option I am not seeing.?? I have spent hours looking at the star alliance map trying to overcome this issue. any advice would be most appreciated.

thanks in advance. ... Joffaa
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