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Aug 20, 2003
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Background to this thread
We have noticed an increase in the posting of questions about seat availability on specific flights. These are all valid questions and we all appreciate the efforts our members go to to provide answers.

The only drawback is that our forums can become "cluttered" with specific questions about availability on specific flights. This tends to reduce the overall usability of our site.
We have therefore created this new consolidated thread where you can ask questions about seat availability on specific flights. Hopefully, this will reduce clutter and improve useability.

Guidelines for posting in this thread
Please post questions about availability of specific flights or upgrade probability in this new consolidated thread. Be sure to include the airline, flight number, date, origin and destination and any other relevant detail.

When answering questions, please include the original question. This will assist in readability and management of the thread.


For Questions about Aircraft Configuration and Seat Availability, please use this thread:​

See this thread for hints on how to read loadings:

If looking for, say Qantas points upgrades, look for A class for First, mid to high D or any I class for Business and any R for Premium Economy.

Look for the most expensive category of the cabin YOU are currently booked in as being sold out e.g. J0 to first, W0 to Business & Y0 to PE for increased op-up chances. Also, look for availability on the discount premium buckets (A, P, I, D, U, T & Z inventories).

Conversely, look for high numbers in the discount economy buckets (N, O, Q, E & X inventories) for reduced op-up chances.

Seat maps can be a VERY rough guide but note that just because a seat is not showing as allocated does not mean that seat hasn't been sold. Not everyone pre-selects seats.


Original thread title: update on QF93 on 12 sept

Appreciate it if someone could check EP for loadings.


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Assume you're talking SYD-LHR instead SYD-SIN? There's one F seat and two J seats left.

You're up against 68 other J passengers. Any CL/P1 upgrade requests should already be processed now, so it might to come down to PCV of you vs other WPs.

WP and Biz flex gets you close to the top of the pile.
Hello! I am wondering if someone can help me for loadings with QF15 BNE -> LAX • 21/07/24 with the chance of an upgrade to J
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Would anyone be so nice and provide the current loadings for QF1: SYD - SIN on 3 July 2024? thx
A bit out of left field here: can anyone help with loadings for Finnair AY 100 HKG-HEL on 30/07?
Is someone able to post the loadings for QF15 BNE to LAX for Sunday, 14 July 2024? Hoping there's room in J for an upgrade

Please and thank you!
You must be kidding....
I'm on SYD - NAN that 12th Monday. But on the 1:15pm FJ910.

Never seen anyone ask for NAN loadings. Nice. Good luck.
Small world!! I’m flying with my wife and 2yo daughter currently on a classic economy rewards fare, was tempted to apply for classic upgrades to business (28k pp), but didn’t want us to get split up. Would it be fair to assume we should be safe given it’s I5? Or too far out to tell?
What’s it looking like for an upgrade on QF2 LHR-SIN-SYD dep LHR 22 June? I’m booked in Y flex with WP status…

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