First fares on Classic awards, what's going on with qantas?

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Oct 14, 2011
Hmmm It seems to me this is far more related to the Qantas booking system rather than anything else. Something bizzare seems to be happening and I can demonstrate this for the date of July 26 2012; If you plug in adelaide/singapore for 2 pax for these dates, check "flexible with dates" then you are shown the calender which does not show either J or F seats available. In fact if you try to filter only for 1st it won't let you as it thinks there's nothing to display, for any dates. HOWEVER if you uncheck the flexible box then you get a list of available flights only for that day and surprise surprise there's QF736 adl/syd (in J of course) connecting with QF1 syd/sin in F. What the hell? There are also business seats as well.

SO in fact there is (albeit somewhat limited) availability for 2 pax ex adelaide but you can't find them using the calender, you're forced to troll through each single days flights to find them. This seems incredibly naf to me. I thought at first maybe the calender only showed direct flights but there's plenty of days that the calnder shows Y seats available but only via mel or syd. Is Qantas just trying to make things difficult?
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