FCO to SYD in Sep 2015 // Dubai Connection question

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Aug 18, 2014
Hi everyone,

I am a recent member, having stumbled across the site when I went looking for resources to help use QFF points. I am hoping I could get some tips and pointers on how we (spouse & I) can get home to Sydney from Europe in J in late September (aiming for 25 Sep +/- 2 days). this year. I currently have outbound flights SYD/DXB/ARN in August in J (256k points for the 2 of us), which I booked in Nov 2014. At the time, there were no seats showing on September flights DXB/SYD and the lady I spoke to at QFF reservations suggested that EK may release (more?) seats later on and to keep checking back. I have 306,000 points available to get home.

Ideally, I would like to return from FCO via DXB but really don't mind the departure port or routing as long as it's not too out of the way. I also don't mind going via MEL or BNE. I need to fly J due to back problems (anything over 5 or 6 hours I can't do in Y or PE).

At the moment, I can see FCO/DXB flights on the Qantas website for 25 Sep 2015 but nothing at all (in any class) for DXB/SYD for that whole month (there are only Y class seats showing to 27 Aug). Similar for MEL, BNE. I also looked at DXB/PER and there are seats in Y but not J. I spoke to two people today at QFF reservations - the first suggested that all the award seats on EK would have been taken up ages ago, and the second suggested seats have not been released on some EK flights yet. I am not sure which is more plausible. The FCO/DXB seats were not available when I booked the outbound flights in Nov 14 and only showed up recently. I have also found that I can go FCO/DXB/SIN/BNE/SYD with FCO/DXB/SIN on EK and overnight in Dubai, Brisbane and Singapore. I am assuming that if I am flying EK in J, I will get Dubai Connect accommodation. Still, we would have to stopover in Singapore and this itinerary has too many stops!!

So my question is, should I wait to see if seats free up / become available on EK flights from Dubai back into Australia? Are there other routing options that I should look at?

Also, if I am travelling on a QF ticket on EK metal, should I be booking Dubai Connection / Chauffeur Drive via Qantas or would it be better (possible?) to do it directly with EK?

Thanks in advance for any tips and pointers!
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