F check in and BA v Qantas

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paul d

Oct 17, 2010
Hi all , having just burned alot of points for a couple of F tickets MEL -SIN return I am wondering that since we will be flying Qantas Business class to Sydney to meet up with QF1 and BA15 do we still do curb side check in at MEL airport ?
We are both flying within 45 min of each other and are getting to the Sydney F lounge nice and early . Having already tasted the Melb F lounge i am looking forward to trying out the Sydney F experience .
I am booked in first with BA on the 747 and my father is on QF1 on the A380 in F ( i have been on the A380 in F ) , just wondering about the comparison with service etc ?? Any comments welcome .
Do they both land at the same terminal at Changi ???? (please say yes !!!)
How does the Fullerton Bay Hotel stack up for digs ?


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Nov 16, 2004
Firstly, the "Fullerton" is nice ... Enjoy!

Presumably you wish to check luggage. If so you will check in at the Qantas domestic terminal in MEL (T1).

Look for the counters marked "Domestic flight to International Connection" or similar. These are down along the wall to the left of the security entry about halfway to T2.

You check your luggage there and should not see it again until SIN.

Proceed through security and head up through the Qantas Club to the Domestic Business lounge.

On arrival into Sydney you head to the "Seamless" transfer bus counters near gate one and await transfer to the international terminal. If you were not issued with express cards at MEL, ask for them here. Also do the same for the Oz Government Departure cards (fill these out before getting to SYD T1 - perhaps while awaiting the next bus).

On arrival into SYD T1, get off the bus, head up the escalator, turn right, proceed along the corridor which leads you to the right after about 20 metres. Head down this short corridor exiting into the departure check-in hall. Turn left and proceed 15-30 metres.
Look for the express entry to emigration on the left.
(At SYD, the bus transfer process/emigration/security can take between 20 and 50 minutes (even with an express card) and your flights would commence boarding 45 minutes before scheduled departure.)


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Jul 7, 2010
If you wanted to check-in at SYD airport BA pax cannot check-in at the First suite, as it is a different ground handeler.
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