EY Interline Baggage Transfer

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Feb 14, 2012
I am flying LST/MEL/MAN in J on one VA ticket. LST/MEL is VA but MEL/MAN is EY metal. In MAN I am transferring to FlyBe (BE) to EDI, on a separate ticket.

EY interlines with BE but VA does not. On the assumption that VA in LST will only check my luggage through to MAN and not EDI, I would like to check my bag to MEL, then collect it and recheck it with EY, hopefully to EDI.

Is it OK to check in luggage for only part of a journey on the one ticket, and then collect and recheck it such as described above? And does anyone have experience of EY checking luggage to a final destination on separate ticket?

And also, does EY provide PJs in J?

Thanks in anticipation of your help!
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Not open for further replies.