Emirates cancelling flights booked through Qantas - What happens now?

Jul 6, 2016

Newbie here. Sorry if this has been covered before, I did search for it.

I booked via the QF site using QFF points for a oneway flight from Venice (Italy) to Perth (AU) on 11 April. I just got a text message from Emirates advising the flight/s have been cancelled.

Does anyone know what happens now? Will Qantas just refund the points and taxes? Will they try to accommodate on another service/route? (unlikely I know)

The second part to this: Is there a period in advance the airlines have to book or complete scheduling for their flights? Is that why Emirates has cancelled this flight two months in advance?

First thing you should do is call Qantas. They should be able to help you reroute to get you from Italy back to Aus.
This could be changed to different dates.. if there is EK flights on a different date, I think QF can also request EK to open up an award seat. (convert revenue fare to award).
Good luck! Not 100% sure on this one but I've done it with CX who's a One World member though and also China Airlines who is not a One World member.
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Booked Qan, Per/yyz via Van, July,Prem E, Qantas have now changed the Syd/Van leg to land 2hrs after van/yyz leg as left and there are no more flights till the next day, do i say nothing and let them sort it or ring them?
It was not EK that cancelled your booking but the Qantas crooks.
Best of luck with "call Qantas", don't hold your breath.