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Dumb question

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OK, I haven't flown a lot in the past year, but when did the baggage allowance change for QF dom?

I just booked a BNE-MEL-BNE and on my eticket noticed the baggae allowance had changed.

Qantas and Australian Airlines Checked Baggage Allowances (except infants◆) No single item may exceed 32kg in weight
Route Piece Allowances and Dimensions Weight Allowance
Australian Domestic Business: 3 pieces
Economy: 1 piece
32kg (70lbs) per piece

I recalled it being 2 pieces for J, 30kg max with an additional piece for QP.

Do you still get an additional piece for QP?


May 19, 2006
With QP you get 2 peaces at 32kg each, if you want a extra peace (3rd) then it will cost an extra $11AUD however i have heard that it may be $22 now, but yes you do get 2 peaces with QP

This is not the case with Jetstar and im unsure about Australian Airlines
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