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Dream trip US trip

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Mar 20, 2005
I was on the last of my 3 T class A$1179+ tickets travelling CHO-IAD-LAX-SYD on Monday. I'm 1P from a AA status match in Feb. On checkin at CHO I was offerred a C upgrade for LAX-SYD at US$750 (UA839 was 4 seats overbooked), I knocked it back and decided to tough it out in 40A in E+. My IAD-LAX was upgraded to C on E500's which was my 1st win.
Whilst I was waiting for my CHO-IAD 20min flight, an announcement was made that the were looking for a VDB as the flt was overweight, they were offering a free 48 state US domestic ticket in return.
I approached the agent and said that I'd take it if she gave me a SWU in leiu of and could confirm a C seat on my flight LAX-SYD. A few key strokes later and I had my C class boarding pass and they put me in a cab for a 1hr 45min trip to Dulles. I arrived at Dulles just in time to run into the RCC club and retrieve my E500's and apply the SWU to my transcon as well.
I had a great flt on a full 777 to LAX, I went straight into the RCC club and asked the lounge attendant if she could assist with changing my seating from 24D(?, aisle seat downstairs) she said "I assume you want a seat upstairs, well I'm afraid the only seat available upstairs is 15B" (possibly the best seat in C on the plane!!). :D
It was one of those dream FF days when everything fell into place!!!


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