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Doha (DOH) Stopover Tips

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Mar 25, 2010
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This thread is a place to share tips and recommendations for stopovers at Doha's Hamad International Airport (DOH) in Qatar. You can discuss things like:
  • How to get from the airport to the city
  • Things to do (both near the airport and in the city)
  • Where to stay/hotel recommendations (both near the airport and in the city)
  • Your favourite DOH airport lounges
  • Airport facilities such as luggage storage and showers
  • Any other destination-specific tips or "hidden gems" you've discovered that could be useful for someone stopping over
Do you have a great tip that other travellers might find useful when stopping over in Doha? Add your suggestions to this thread, and your advice could make it into an AFF Stopover Guide article!


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Feb 15, 2008
Yesterday my youngest son flew in on Qatar first class and found he was the only one in the spacious Doha lounge when his onwards Flight to Madrid was delayed. I think he enjoyed the experience. Of cours the delay meant he was going to miss the first soccer game in Madrid.


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Nov 12, 2012
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Frankly there isn't too much to do in Doha if you have an inconvenient 6-8 hour stopover. The top sight in my opinion is the Museum of Islamic Art . The 'Falcon souq and the Waqif Souq are also worth a look if you are stuck in Qatar for a day.

DOH Airport
Forget duty free shopping at DOH. I have priced a camera and some binoculars there and both were (fractionally) more expensive that Aussie retail !!

The airport is very efficient at transits though. You have to clear 'transit security' but always very quick in my experience.

The QR business lounge is very large and pretty nice. If you want a shower, go straight there (opposite the entrance, you have to navigate across the 'island' of seating) and book, as waits can be lengthy if the lounge is busy.

Two eating options - the better is upstairs. Much reduced service and no alcohol served during Ramadan.

Good business centre, but they don't let you take drinks in (not even coffee).


Aug 29, 2010
I have a 20 hour layover in Doha flying QR F. I’ll be arriving late at night and departing the next evening.
Ideally I’d want to head to the F lounge and sleep in one of the rooms and then head out and explore the city in the morning.
Will this be posible or once I go through transit to enter the lounge, I will be stuck airside?


May 1, 2009
Our best ever stopover was at Doha, Qatar are a wonderful airline and our stay at Sharq Resort was unforgettable


Established Member
May 1, 2015
Taxis are fairly cheap over there, though the minimum amount is 10 Riyal for a trip (about A$4). And there is a 25 Riyal surcharge when catching a taxi at the airport.

So for example,
Taxi from airport to Islamic Art centre or Souq Waqif will cost around 50 Riyals, but trip back will cost around 25.
From Islamic Art Centre/Souq Waqif to Katara Cultural Centre or Katara Beach or Villagio Shopping Mall will cost around 25 Riyals.
From Islamic Art Centre/Souq Waqif to City Centre Mall will cost around 15 Riyals.
Note: Villagio Shopping Mall is much more impressive than the City Centre one.

When going to get a taxi at the hotel or shopping centre, someone will inevitably approach you about whether you want a taxi - and it turns out they aren't really a taxi, but just people using private cars - who will usually try to charge you double what the taxis charge. Tell them to get lost.

If going to Souq Waqif because you want to eat there, tell the taxi driver to drop you near the restaurants - else you may wind up walking all over the place through bird cages and spice stores trying to find the eating area. Souvenirs are much cheaper at Souq Waqif than at Villagio.

Katara Cultural Centre (which is not yet complete) has people giving free golf buggy rides around the centre and beach area showing you the place. And they take photos of you with your camera if you ask them.

When arriving back at the airport with suitcaes, people come along and load your suitcases on an airport trolley and push it to the check-in area. All for free - they refuse any tip.



Jan 8, 2008
I have a 20 hour layover in Doha flying QR F. I’ll be arriving late at night and departing the next evening.
Ideally I’d want to head to the F lounge and sleep in one of the rooms and then head out and explore the city in the morning.
Will this be posible or once I go through transit to enter the lounge, I will be stuck airside?
Will QR offer a hotel for the layover, so you could leave the airport and got to a hotel first. The transit F rooms are nice, but no windows or natural light. And if they are all full you,re stuffed

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