Do Classic Award itineraries with >1 transit not show up on searches ?

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Apr 1, 2013
Hi guys,

I am looking for a way back home from LAX next year, and I think FJ might have a solution for me, the problem is, it is not showing up on a search as a single bookable itinerary.
When I search for April 24th LAX-NAN I see FJ with availability leaving at 2330 and arriving at 0530+2.

Then when i search April 26th NAN-MEL I see FJ with availability leaving at 0815 and arriving into MEL at around 14:30 after a couple of hours transit in BNE.
But I cannot get LAX-MEL with transits in NAN and BNE to come up on a search - why is this ? I only get LAX-BNE/SYD/MEL coming up on searches. Is it because it has more than one transit ?

The problem with booking it as two itineraries is lack of protection if the flight from LAX is delayed for any reason. Why I don't expect NAN to be a massive airport, I do realise that 2h 45mins is not a lengthy international connection.

Perhaps I could book it on the one PNR if done over the phone ?
Does anyone have any experience with something like this ? Can itineraries on airlines which can be booked online be done over the phone without being slugged a phone service fee ? In this case actually I'd be happy to pay the fee...

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