Diners club Liquorland card no annual fee

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Aug 13, 2009
As far as i know you can only get a business application form for the Diners club Liquorland card with no annual fee from your local Liquorland store.

has anyone with a Diners club Liquorland card ever tried to use it to access airport lounges successfully? I got told two different things on the phone one said yes you can use any diners club card to access the listed airport lounges.

however i doubt it can be really used anywhere else as the card is restricted to LiquorLand store use only but on the back its printed "valid world wide" which is contradicting. I brought this to the call centers attention today and then they corrected themselves and said im right it can only be used at Liquorland not for airport lounge access afterall.

since the card needs to be swiped upon entry so i don't think it will work. Can anyone in the know or with the card clarify if it does work to access the listed airport lounges?

how does one go about getting a supplementary Diners club Liquorland card? on one call i was told to download the business form from their website and cross it out and write Diners club Liquorland card no annual fee on the top. Then on another phone call a different person says i have to reapply using the application form from the liquorland store. so which is correct?

can this card be attached to paypal or only be used at Liquorland?

if this card does not provide airport lounge access then its a bit useless! can one do a product transfer to another diners club card that provides airport access? Is it necessary to join and pay for the rewards program competent to get airport lounge access?

does anyone have any suggestions on another Diners club card to transfer to that have no annual fee and provides airport access? I think there used to be a VET assoc one?
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