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Discussion in 'Diners Club Rewards' started by chloe2004, Dec 29, 2003.

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  1. chloe2004

    chloe2004 Newbie

    Dec 29, 2003
    I heard there were double bonus points for every dollar spent at certain selected stores until the end of January. Maybe its a promotional offer available to some select customers.
    I really can't see what there is to lose by trialling the Diners Club card. You are getting a fee free card. You would just have to be careful in making sure you pay it off in time but that is self-evident.
    Has anyone done a detailed comparison of the rewards system and the bonus points collection compared to Amex, Visa and other cards across all indices?

  2. redrat

    redrat Member

    Apr 26, 2003
    Cloe2004, at the risk of being cynical you don't work for Ray Martin or Diners Club by any chance?

    However on an informational note, it shouldn't be too difficult for you to do your own browse/leg work on this request. Go to all the bank sites and make up a spreadsheet to do the comparisons. I try to do this sort of investigation before I purchase something or enter into a bank agreement.
    In fact if you go to www.infochoice.com.au or purchase the Money magazine this data is published regularly.

    disclaimer: i don't have any affiliation with the sites mentioned above.
  3. chloe2004

    chloe2004 Newbie

    Dec 29, 2003
    LOL......btw why Ray Martin??? Do I sound like some kind of infomercial for a segment on "A Current Affair" :roll:

    I try to read the marketing/information material organisations put out, whether that be on their websites or in any other medium. However I also try to be a bit discriminating. Every organisation naturally hails the virtues of it's card loyalty scheme ad nauseum. eg we have the "best" rewards program etc etc My point was that I would rather try out a product without the burden of fees (Diners Club is not the only product which has a fee waiver as you would probably know). The RBA estimated there were something like 13 million credit cards on issue in Australia in the year 2000 (and no I am not Ian McFarlane,the present incumbent Governor or a Board member... :( ) People have the luxury of a lot of choice out there and they will switch brands. The whole idea of loyalty programs is to subtly manipulate spending behaviour of consumers. I would personally prefer to trial cards without being burdened with fees.

    [/quote]Go to the bank sites and make up a spreadsheet to do the comparisons

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