Combining cash and points on a single booking

Discussion in 'Qantas Frequent Flyer Program' started by justinbrett, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. justinbrett

    justinbrett Active Member

    Mar 6, 2006

    I realise I can't do this on the net - but does anyone know if this is possible via a Qantas sales office?

    I want to fly DRW - LHR next year.

    I want to use points from DRW - SIN (as that flight is way overpriced,so using points is good value - only 18K each way).

    Then I want to buy a ticket from SIN to LHR. I'm thinking of going WT+ with BA - although I may consider the new Qantas product if it is out in time (looking at march or April).

    Anyway, those flights are really cheap on the net as they are ex SIN (and have lots of competition). About $1100 for WT and $2200 for WT+. Qantas same price for Y (nothing on Y+ yet).

    My issue is, if I make two bookings - the Qantas codeshare on Jetstar to SIN, and either a BA booking or QF booking (possibly codeshare also) to LHR - will they be able to treat it as one booking - and connect bags etc?

    Will JQ have issues connecting to a BA flight with a BA flight number? Their website only says Qantas gets bag connections. (Obviously a major pain if I have to clear customs in SIN). Also states it has to be under the same booking reference.

  2. flyingzzzds

    flyingzzzds Intern

    Aug 3, 2006
    Sunshine Coast, QLD
    Had a similar situation with AA and jetstar recently and my advice is avoid "Deathstar" like the plague if you need to do any connections - infact avoid them all together.

    We flew AA LAX-HNL then had QF award flights on Jetstar metal to SYD. AA didn't even have our onward flight in their system even though we were on a QF codeshare booked with QF points. Were informed only QF could arrange this for us - so pleaded with the QF staff in the Admirals Club at LAX. They informed us, in no uncertain terms, that there are no baggage connection services from, or too, any jetstar flight. We checked again in HNL and asked if we could atleast check our bags in early as we arrived at midnight and were leaving on an early morning flight. But no - the answer is no.

    We had been away for 5 weeks, literally flying around the world, and had a mountain of luggage. It would not fit in any taxi let alone the limo we had already booked and paid for. We begged, grovelled, pleaded - nada. Even as OneWorld Sapphire flyers and QF Club members flying first and then (supposed) business 'star' class there were no exceptions. In fact on returning to Sydney we were forced to drag all of our luggage onto a bus to change terminals as QF would not accept our luggage for transit at the international terminal. Again even though the flight was booked as a QF codeshare with QF points.

    Like I said, avoid the orange star flights at all costs if you have luggage and/or don't have several hours to spare for your transit. We were told over and over again that they are a LCC and do not provide luggage connections.

    We have linked award flights and paid flights with luggage connections before with QF and other OW carriers - so I suggest using a few more points and visiting PER. Generally great availability from there to SIN.
  3. serfty


    Nov 16, 2004
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  4. moa999

    moa999 Senior Member

    Jun 23, 2003
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    Like most LCCs JQ/3K etc will only open check-in 2.5-3 hrs before and will not interline. In fact I dont think their Openskies systems could handle it

    If you were doing an overnight I would have been using checked luggage at the airport, go to your hotel. Then come back.

    Recently left Bangkok hotel in the morning, put luggage in left luggage at 1200, toured some areas closer to the airport (and caught an AFC Cup game). Back to the airport, luggage out and check-in.

    So long as you know the rules and the airport you are OK.

    The bad things about the LCCs is if you have a daytime layover (say BKK/SIN) and have checked luggage -- you need to collect your luggage (and therefore exit immigration) but can't get back airside (the nicer part of the airport until check-in opens) -- OK if you don't have checked luggage as you just stay airside for a while before going through immigration
  5. futaris

    futaris Established Member

    Jul 21, 2006
    We did this back in May:


    JQ didn't check our luggage through, but we didn't have to collect our luggage when we got our boarding passes at SIN.

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