Classic Reward Redemption on JQ Domestic - do you get $10 food voucher


Jun 21, 2010
Hi I booked a classic reward redemption on JQ domestic in Spt 2023 for travel last week. I expected it will be seat plus one checked bag and no food. My first flight had a time change of 4 hours and i accepted the change and got reticketed in October. When I was on the first flight the flight assistant says I had $10 included in fare and I could get a cola and chips. My boarding pass had QF Code share. On my return they told me there was no food included and the boarding pass had JQ Lite CL ??. CL meaning class or classic reward. On checking QF website it says that JQ bookings made with cash fare on QF website after October will have $10 food voucher but my fare was a classic reward. So if I make another classic reward booking redemption on JQ domestic will I get food????? Has anyone made a classic reward redemption on JQ recently and got or not got food? Im not sure if I got food on the first flight due to change of timing/reticketing and that put me on a different fare class of qf code share or the reticketing was after october and hence food was included but the return flight was booked in August and hence no food. The return flight with no food included did not have a time change and hence no food?
I think what happened was when you were rebooked, the system put you in a cash fare even if you were originally booked as a Classic Reward. I don't think Classic Rewards include the $10 voucher.
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