*class points on QF domestic

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Nov 28, 2006

serfty said:
Unfortunately, one gets to to the "ridge of gold" then looks over and ahead see's the WP peak in the distance...
LOL, problem is, once you hit WP, you start getting seated next to CIP's & CL's (when on QF), and you realise "over the hill, there's a mountain"... BUT I'm visiting the new
SYD QF FL tomorrow, can't wait!

P.S. I really hope the people from Virgin Blue read this forum, 'cause I am so afraid the odd decision to invest in "fully crossing the Pacific" might sink them!

Seriously though, I am worried by BG's comments, that the only reason to launch a new carrier to the USA is the federal government's barring of SQ... Please get it right DJ, we don't need another DOA Ansett. [QAN is one formidable competitor!]
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May 6, 2007
OK been waiting until points are in the bank until I posted. Confirming what others have reported that domestic legs on *class are in business class and earn business SC's

Trip was PER-HNL-PER via MEL

Booking class for Jetstar *class is J. This books into Qantas as D. After the initial booking I rang Qantas and added my FF to the booking. Strangely on the QF bookings page it showed my FF # as JQ00xx_00 where xxs was my usual QF FF#.

Check in at PER took over 1 hour. 10 minutes queue and 50 minutes between the check in counter and the ticketing office. Check in person told me although my booking confirmed it appeared payment had not been made. WTF??? I had a copy of the invoice in my hand. Ticketing counter said all was fine after much delays trying to contact JQ. Back to the check in and another delay until a supervisor had to come and assist the check in agent. No one could explain what the problem was. Great start.

Finally issued BP's for PER-MEL and MEL-HNL. FF# on both BP's. At MEL was about to board and was told would have to re-issue Qantas BP with Jet* BP. Thought I would lose my row 1 seats but the process went smoothly.

MEL-HNL points posted 4 days after flight and i had to put in a missing miles request for PER-MEL which posted approx 4 days later (or 8 days after flight).

Return leg HNL-MEL was delayed by about 3 hours (my wife actually returned 4 days earlier than myself and her flight was 6 hours late and she missed the MEL-PER connection and had to overnight in Melbourne.) MEL-PER QF481 flight was also delayed and to my surprise went via ADL (adding 2 extra hours). It was grand final night.

No points posted for either flight and missing mileage claim was 1 day for MEL-PER leg and 15 days (posted today) for HNL-MEL leg.

Total SC's - 440.

My wife swore she would never fly Jetstar again. All in all *class was what I expected and a decent SC earn from Aus for approx $3k.
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