Claiming WW rewards using discarded dockets.

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Jan 15, 2016
I didn't know you could do this, I thought you had to go back in person and get your points processed over the counter. It would be very easy for them to catch her out, payment method, cameras etc etc.

It's been possible online for a year or three.

Right back at the start of EDR the only way to get points to post if a scan was missed was to go to the counter.

A few years ago you could also do so by calling.
Since the article has been published Woolworths have limited this. It's now limited to only 3 claims per six months and transactions under $500.
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This has been possible for some time. Would be very foolish to do it with dockets other than your own.
I wouldn't be interested in such a scheme for claiming the missing points (although there certainly could be merit to that). I'm more interested in hoarding these receipts and using them to play around with the EDR bonus system. Perhaps if they see the "right" type of activity from a receipt they'll issue you a nice bonus? Food for thought!

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