Citibank to Krisflyer transfer time


Dec 19, 2021
Hi all

Long time reader, first time poster

Wanting to see if anyone has any recent experience in how long its taken to move citibank rewards points to Krisflyer miles.

Years ago I moved velocity points to KF miles and it was pretty quick.

The above quoted times make me optimistic. Requested Sunday and cautiously waiting as flights are being quickly waitlisted. Been advised it will take up to 15 business days.
In September I transferred points from CardServices (a Citibank account). I received the confirmation e-mail from CardServices that the transfer was being processed on the 6th and that it may take 5 working days to complete the transfer. On the 7th I used the points to redeem 2 seats Sin-Per.
Thanks, They ended up appearing in the account after 2 business days, just in time before my held fare expired, phew!
I must be misinterpreting something - how do you hold a saver award seat if you don't have enough miles?