Citibank Luxury Transfer Service


May 24, 2020
Has anyone had experience using the Citibank "Luxury Transfer Service" that comes with some of their credit cards?

It looks like it doesn't need to be for a transfer to the airport and could be used in place of a taxi for a trip known ahead of time?

What has your experience been?
Are you referring to the Citi Prestige or is it applicable to most of the cards issued by Citi.
Prestige but I thought it may be with other cards also.
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Yes you can use it anywhere, but it's only one per year up to $100 and only on the Prestige (I don't get it on my FFFL Premier card for example).

Have you used it? Any issues?
A few Q&As I've had and answered myself.

What's the maximum wait time when they're picking you up from the airport? I know Taiwan airport is notoriously bad for making you wait at immigration. Last time it took me 1 hour 45 minutes to get through the queues, and by that time I had urgent need to go to the bathroom. From what I see, it's 90 minutes for international flights, but a mere 15 minutes for domestic flights.

Is the wait time dependent on the time you schedule the pickup or a nominated flight (and potential delays)? Scheduled time might be useful if you have an idea how long it'll take you to clear the airport, but conversely, nominating a flight might be useful if the wait time doesn't include delays. I don't know the answer to this one...

Any gotchas? There's a 25% surcharge between midnight and 5am, and on major public holidays at year end. Also, there's no refund if cancelling less than 24 hours in advance. So, I wonder if there's any point cancelling at all if less than 24 hours.

What's the extent of the service? About 20KM in Australia - Not sure if it's available in other countries like it is for cardholders in Indonesia, Philippines, and South Korea though.
Yep, per calendar year.

It’s a massive PIA to use. The concierge service is about as useful as a midget to Stephen Hawking fan on a motorcycle.

I managed to use it once. First attempt was close to the end of the year and by the time we’d done 15 emails backwards and forwards with 15 different quotes, I gave up.

Managed it the next year. Again, countless emails and calls backwards and forwards. In the end it got booked, but subsequently for the wrong airport at the wrong time. Only found that out when I arrived at SYD and the driver wasn’t there.

Depending on how much you value your time, probably better off just letting the $100 go
I rang for a quote , made it very clear it was just a quote. Received the quote which also stated that this booking is not confirmed.

We land in Sydney and receive a SMS saying our chauffeur is waiting for us.

Took the ride anyway as we felt bad for the guy and the cost was only $40 more than a taxi, but made a complaint to Citi which they acknowledged but never heard back from or ever charged for the ride.

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