Citibank disputed transaction handling - subtle difference vs ANZ

Discussion in 'CitiBank Rewards Program' started by NiNJA, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. NiNJA

    NiNJA Newbie

    Feb 14, 2007

    One of my friends "warned" me about citibanks handling of disputed transactions and I have read the T&C's for my Citibank gold visa ... and I am sure it has subtle differences when handling disputed transactions etc versus say a ANZ Qantas FF Visa card.

    With ANZ ... you dispute the transaction .. they quarantine the amount so you dont have to pay it .. investigate and then if in your favour credit the amount back etc. I have had a couple of unauthorised transactions which were debited from my ANZ card and ANZ were excellent and sorted it all out. They also contacted me on one transaction to verify whether I had in fact completed the said transaction.

    So ... from experience .. or what people know of citibank's t&c's ... how do you find their handlind of disputed transactions ? ... please let me know.


  2. armanie

    armanie Junior Member

    Apr 29, 2006
    Hi Ninja,

    From my experience of a couple of years ago, Citibank make you pay the amount first then credit you in the next billing cycle.

    At the time, I had about $2K of unauthorised charges on my credit card. When I rang them, they said the would investigate. During this time, the next billing cycle started and the statement with the unauthorised charges were already sent out.

    They told me I had to pay first, then they would credit me the unauthorised amount in the next biling cycle.

    Suffice to say, I no longer have a Citibank credit card. Btw, it was a Platinum credit card.

  3. Febs

    Febs Established Member

    Aug 15, 2006
    Even better than AMEX's (which I've found very good too).
    I had a disputed charge soon after I got my Citibank Gold VISA. Rang up and told them, they straight away said "OK, we'll reverse that." No ifs no buts. A few days later the credit was on my account.

    Mind you, it was only for $8.

    With my AMEX (charge card) I've had stupid cab drivers forge the CC slip to add on a few bucks (I'm guessing they get away with it a hell of a lot, because not everyone would keep their cab receipts). AMEX usually credit the amount straight away, then investigate. Some moron cabbie did himself out of a fare for the sake of a few dollars. :rolleyes:

    - Febs.

    PS: I've got nothing against cabbies in general (even have one in the family)...just the stupid ones. :)
  4. drron

    drron Enthusiast

    Jul 4, 2002
    Sunshine Coast
    My experience was also favourable.Had 3 charges for gas in NY when I was in Florida.Rang and they were reversed immediately.
    What impressed me was that some time later that I got an email from Citibank saying that they had investigated the charges and had found they were fraudulent.No other bank has ever given even that limited feedback.
  5. johnnyk

    johnnyk Member

    Sep 15, 2006
    Ive been useing Citibank visa cards for about 11 years currently Citibank Gold visa.
    Citibank make you pay the amount first then credit you in the next billing cycle. I have no problem with that. some times you got to keep on them but im happy with Citibank so far.
    I wish they would stop trying to get me to except their offer to upgrade to a Platinum credit, I really can't see the value over the Gold Card the annual fee is much to high. Anyways its all good :)
  6. Cyberdog100

    Cyberdog100 Intern

    Dec 29, 2006
    I had one scammer of a cabbie turn a $12 fare into $126 or something like that, yeah like I wouldn't notice that!!!

    The thing is he seemed really decent and didn't look at all dodgy, was nice during the trip and all!! The company that processed the transaction said that he may have mixed up the transaction with another one, since the route specified wasn't even my trip but I still have my doubts.

    They still said they would report it to the Ministry of Transport :D

    This was on my CBA card, they are very strange in how they process disputed transactions, on a previous occasion they deducted and credited the disputed amount to my card no less than 4 times, I was thinking what the hell are the doing!! In the end it all balanced but was weird.

    The taxi transaction got refunded by the company that processed the transaction so didn't have to involve the bank thankfully.

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