Cheapest Way to Join Qantas Club?

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Nov 26, 2006
Qantas Club Membership
Greetings first post.

I am wondering whether anyone can direct me to how I can join Qantas Club at a my work doesn't offer a corporate rate....

Does anyone have a tip how to do this...

Am thinking of two year membership...

Am a poorly Bronze FF but will be travelling internationally and domestically a fair bit in the next two years...although won't be enough for gold/platinum.

Any help/advice..... or discount codes!!! .....appreciated




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Mar 22, 2005
Welcome to AFF Gladiator.

Sorry I can't help you any discount codes. Qantas occassionally has targetted promotions offering discount joining and membership rates on QC. I received an offer September last year but did not join as I was going to attain Gold status and receive complimentary membership.

Some organisations offer discounts to join or renew QC but the annual membership fees are not cheap and some require that you belong to that industry. Organisations like CPA, NIA, ALIA, AVA, Taxpayers Australia etc.

How often are you likely to travel each year in the next 2 years. You can look to purchase complimentary QC invitations from ebay. These can sell for around $40 but at this price you need to spend 3-4 hours in QC to make them worthwhile.

You can apply for a Qantas American Express Premium credit card before 30 November 2006, discussed at length on the American Express Rewards forum, and receive 2 complimentary QC invitations every year with your first spend Qantas spend but there is an annual fee, waived in the first year, of $195.


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Jun 20, 2006
Are you a member of a professional association? I'm a member of APESMA and I know they can get me affiliated discounted membership if I wanted them to.

There is always the option too of paying it and claiming it as a tax deduction (but you should get tax advise on this rather than the recommendations off an internet forum ;) )


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Sep 2, 2005
You might consider searching for the thread on the AA Platinum Challenge. If you are going to be doing a considerable amount of International and Domestic flights over the next two years, and it would appear you intend to do these on QF you might want to join the challenge, pick up Plat and get access to the lounge that way. Although Mr Noble is an expert the subject has been covered extensively and a brief search will reveal all.


Jul 10, 2006
If the travel isnt enough for gold or platinum then requalification for AA Platinum could be hard. I would suggest though that if you aren't travelling enough to qualify for goild or plat then do you need QP membership?

The AA challenge could be good depending on your profile of travel over the period.

Maybe a bit more info on the travel/class/fare type/timing and we could suggest if the challenge could be good?


Nov 18, 2005
This is by no means the cheapest, as the big corporations/ industry associations that some of the forum members work for, are able to get massive discounts.

So please don't burn me if others have come across far better.

But as I run my own business, I went through this company's corporate scheme and saved $270. Which was better than nothing.

Corporate membership Normal membership Saving
One Year A$485.00 A$685.00 A$200.00
Two Years A$700.00 A$970.00 A$270.00

All you have to do is fill out the form and they take care of the rest.:D
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