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Chauffer Drive and WP Call centre

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Mar 6, 2011
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Have had quite a disappointing experience with QF WP line this past few days. I modified my J QF94 flight from April 24 to April 27, within an hour or so the ticket reissued and i jumped on to book in Chauffer Drive. The option wasnt there, i call the agent and i get "Well thats an online product only so i cant help you, but it looks like the last agent made a mess of your booking so ill clean it up and try again in 24 hours". Little disappointing but i log back on 24 hours later, and still no options for me to book, call WP line and am told "Your within the 48 hour window sorry you miss out" I advise her i was not as in american time i was well outside the 48 hour cut off and should be eligible and get "no your too late sorry", rather than getting angry, i end the call and phone back one last time, finally i get a nice agent, but for the life of her and supposedly her supervisor, there was nothing they could do.

I have gone ahead now and had my hotel in LA book my chauffer to the airport and have asked amex platinum to book my melb one. Should i be claiming this from Qantas? its pretty disappointing, especially when someone has paid 10k for a ticket almost to get that treatment and for no help to be given to a stated benefit (albeit miniscule in value vs the fare).
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Oct 13, 2013
What day did you change the booking

Great idea the chauffeur drive but its not properly execute and its the little things that piss off a lot of people and waste a lot of time. What is even more galling is that no one takes ownership of the problem.

qantas has lost a lot of social capital and it really needs to get its execution eve better. i must say its performance overall has improved much but these things just pull it down again.
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