Changing from a QFF to a AAFF - Plt Elt

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Mar 20, 2005
After some really helpful advice from NM and Lindsay I'm going to switch allegiances. I'm currently a QFF Silver (big deal after 6 return SYD- IAD flts over the past year!!) and a QC member(I'm going to ditch this as well next year). I'm hoping to reach AA PLT Elt with the following flts in this calender year commencing in 2 weeks from the US.

May - QF "N" class IAD- SYD ( nothing towards the Challenge here but it does give me 9766 miles towards PLT Elt I think?)
June - QF "V" class SYD- IAD (1st flt in my PLT challenge) another 9766 miles towards PLT Elt
July - QF "V" class SYD- IAD (now PLT), 9766 miles
Aug - AA "V" class SYD- IAD - SYD 19532 miles
Sept- AA "V" class SYD- IAD 9766 miles
Sept- AA "Q" class IAD- SYD 9766 miles
Oct- AA "V" class SYD- IAD 9766 miles
Oct- AA "V" class IAD - SYD 9766 miles
Dec - AA "V" class SYD-IAD 9766 miles

I also have some Flts SYD- Port Vila which are on a Qantas ticket (no ticket class as they have not been purchased yet) and an internal US AA Flt which I think will give me the extra EQmiles I need to get to PLT ELT (100Kmiles).
Does the above achieve my goal or do I need to spend some more time studying the rules?
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Jun 20, 2002
When in doubt, use FewMile's Excel spreadsheet. That should do all the calculations.

Sorry, never used it as I buity my own basic Excel model before I had seen FewMiles's - but his is probably more advanced. Have just got a new laptop and haven't had my IT guru put the necessary stuff at home (still running Win98 with Excel for Win95 on my desktop :oops: - sorry I'm not hugely technologically savvy [yet :D ] )

Alternatively, give me all your flight details (particularly including dates) and I'll plug them into mine and email back to you (like I did the calculations for Bob here on AFF; and plenty of others over on FT).

You might want to selectively put certain remaining 2004 flights between the differing programs (particularly QF G, N and S fares would be better put to the QFF program given their 100% crediting plus Silver 25% bonuses; rather than the AAdv 50% crediting for mileage and EQP's) but if you need them all then throw every flight at the ExPlat qualification this year, and then selectively look at the lower discount ones to be credited to QF next year (where you'll get 100% plus any status bonuses).

I think you'll go close...and the commonly used abbreviation is ExPlat or EXP.
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