Changing a Classic Business OWA Booking


Apr 24, 2019
We're booked on a multi-leg award booking from AU to USA/CAN and back in Sep/Oct 2022.

We've discovered that we'd like to change two legs on the booking, moving them forward two days and ending up in a different destination (but still within the rules of the fare).

We're not getting past first base so far as when I first rang on Monday morning, I was informed that while the booking was in place, that it would need to be ticketed for any changes to be able to be made. The service agent informed me that I could ADD flights (within limits of the award) but couldn't CHANGE any without the ticketing process having taken place. He committed to arrange for the booking to be ticketed (which needed to be undertaken by a particular team in AU I think - I was talking to Cape Town), and said that this should take around 24 hours and would receive an email once it had been completed.

I was doing a check of award availability late on Tuesday when I noticed that our preferred award option had disappeared so decided to call again (as I was also a bit skeptical of their advice). Got the same result, no feedback at all on why it hadn't been ticketed so far, but another commitment to ticket the booking within 24 hours.

It's now late on Thursday and still no ticketed booking and I call Qantas again. This time they tell me they've been trying to ticket the booking since mid-FEBRUARY and it hasn't been able to be completed. The booking has a series of Alaska Airlines legs (4), and Alaska are supposed to cost their component of the ticket before ticketing can be fully completed. Alaska haven't done this yet, and haven't replied to at least 4 emails from Qantas to do so. Sounds like Alaska are doing it pretty tough at the moment, but right now I've even got concerns on whether we will get to travel at all. The agent did a great job to explain it as well as she could, but it would have been great if one of the earlier agents did the same.

From a positive perspective, call wait times were quite reasonable compared to some of the horror stories I've heard of late. All of that is for nothing if we can't resolve the issue.

Any advice on how to proceed?


Established Member
Feb 15, 2014
I wouldn’t be changing what you have, just concentrate on getting the ticket. Qantas is a joke to deal with at the moment and you are at risk of loosing the lot. I would take the blaming of Alaska with a grain of salt.

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