Changes to how you use your $450 Travel Credit

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Just to clarify.

Was the per person cost of each flight <$450, but the total cost of each pair of flights >$450 and you each got the full $450 credit?

Was there anything in your billing where Amex split the total cost into two equal amounts of <$450 as they did for @Captain Halliday?
Yes. Travelling down to Melbourne, the fares were $600 for the two of us, paid on my AMEX card ($150 difference after my credit). Coming back from Melbourne, the fares were $650 (stupid Canberra tax!), paid on MrsK's AMEX card ($200 difference after her credit).

On my AMEX Statement, the airfares are shown as two transactions of $300 for each airfare (AMEX Travel Online Merc Sydney), and a single entry for the $450 Qantas Ultimate Travel Credit.
Annoyed with AmEx travel and Hilton. Booked using platinum card at Hilton Brisbane last week and also spent big on dinner for four, as a Gold Rewards member, no points awarded for either despite contacting them pre arrival and lodging HR number. Hilton say it wasn't booked through Amex travel but Agoda!

Now arguing with Amex and Hilton Rewards.
Can you use the credit for hotel only? I thought you have to combine it with a flight to qualify.
This is ongoing, so I can't give a definitive answer.

But just to recap my scenario, I booked a one-way flight for two pax. I don't remember the exact fare but it was ~$370 per pax.

This was a single booking for two pax and was a single transaction on the Amex.

I received one Amex reference number and one QF PNR and a receipt for $740.

However, on my Amex statement, rather than a single charge of $740, instead I had 2x$370 listed.

Thus it never reached the $450 threshold because Amex split the transaction and so far I've received no credit at all.
Update on this. In short: resolved and $450 statement credit manually applied.

Long version:
When I first contacted Amex about this I was questioned extensively about whether I’d correctly selected the “radio button” to use the credit.

I explained (politely) that it wasn’t my first rodeo and that I certainly clicked the radio button. I also told them I had screenshots for every step of the booking process. (My lack of trust was implied, and as it turns out, justified. But I digress.)

The agent still believed the most likely cause was me not clicking the button but escalated to IT for investigation and said it could take a couple of weeks. Didn’t seem interested in my screenshots to confirm.

At about the two week mark I was sent a courtesy email advising it was still being investigated.

What was interesting was that the email included an exchange between the agent I was dealing with and someone in IT. I suspect this was included in error.

But helpfully it showed details of every step I’d taken through the booking - and importantly that I’d clicked the correct button to apply the credit.

After that email I heard nothing further for a couple of weeks then last week saw the credit had posted to the account.

The apology from Amex must have been implied too because I haven’t heard from them since.😉

So I’m none the wiser about what happened but at least the $450 credit was honoured.
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Earlier this year I used my Platinum Charge $450 and Reserve $400 travel credits to purchase SK flights from LHR to Norway and purchased "SAS Plus Pro" fares that provide lounge access, seats near the front, 2 x 23kg bags and are fully refundable. I used the $450 travel credit towards tickets totalling $875.60 and the $400 Platinum Reserve travel credit towards the return flights totalling $811.60 . After the purchases the travel credits posted overnight and the fares posted a couple of days later split into separate amounts for each of us of $437.80 on the charge card and $405.80 for the Reserve, so the individual fares of less than $450 didn't affect the travel credit since the full purchase online through Amex travel was for over $450.

Two weeks ago I had to cancel these tickets since we changed our travel plans. I phoned Amex Travel first and it was confirmed that Amex do not charge a fee and that since my tickets were fully refundable I would get a refund of the full amounts charged but that it could take up to 8 weeks for the refunds to come through. I was able to cancel both flights online on the Amex Travel website on Thu 04 April. The refunds came through to both cards on Saturday morning 13 April, with the Charge card showing two credits of $437.80 each showing "AMEX TRAVEL ONLINE MERC SYDNEY" and the Reserve card showing two credits of $405.80 each, all showing 09 April even though they didn't show in my online account until 13 April, but this happened when the tickets were purchased too, with the flights not showing until a few days after I booked them but when posted the dates were the date they were booked.

I'm posting this to let you know that we do now get the full amount of the travel credits refunded if we cancel bookings that are refundable, which is better than the old system where you would lose the travel credit if you cancelled.

Since I usually use the Charge card all the time and only use the Reserve card when I need to use the travel credit I had $811.60 showing as a credit in my Reserve card account. I phoned Amex on Monday morning to ask if they could transfer that credit from the Reserve card to the Charge card and was told that they could, and that it should take 2 to 3 days. It posted this morning, 3 days later, as "DEBIT BALANCE TRANSFERRED" so I'm very pleased with how this has worked out.

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