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CBA Platinum Visa vs. CBA Platinum Mastercard - Differences

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Sep 14, 2005

I recently applied for a CBA Platinum Mastercard (as the CBA Platinum Visa was not on the form), and I received a CBA Platium Visa.

It doesn't really bother me, but I am interested in the differences in regards to the conceirge services.

Can someone please tell me:

* Your Platinum Connection offered directly through the Commonwealth Bank is only available during limited hours? The number that they give for Your Platinum Connection is the Commonwealth Awards number 131661. Is there a more direct number? Or is this just a substandard conceirge service?

* With the CBA Visa Platinum, I believe you are entitled to make use of the Visa Platinum conceirge services. So wouldn't it just be better to call Visa Platinum conceirge directly rather than using the Commonwealth Bank conceirge service??

* With the CBA Mastercard Platinum, can you use the Mastercard Platinum Connection conceirge services? Thus can you just use Mastercard conceirge services directly rather than using the Commonwealth Bank service? On the Mastercard Platinum website, when it lists the number for Australia, it says:
Australia (except Commonwealth Bank) (61-2) 9461-3881
Australia (Commonwealth Bank cardholders) 13 1661 or
So this makes me think maybe they wont talk to Commonwealth cardholders?

If this is the case, and CBA Visa Platinum cardholders can use both Visa Platinum conceirge services and CBA conceirge services, whilst Mastercard cardholders can only use CBA conceirge services, wouldn't it be much better to have the Visa Platinum card?


Mar 14, 2004
The CBA Platinum Connection service is apparently available 24 hours a day. It is accessed via the 131661 number; you enter your card number and rewards password and pick option 3 for memory.

I think from when I’ve asked them before between 8am and around 10pm EST it goes to reps in Australia, after that time to the US. I’d like to see how helpful the reps in the US would be in an emergency.

You are entitled to use the Visa Platinum service if you hold a Visa Platinum card. I also think you still can use CBA’s service if you wish but I’m not too sure. Personally I think Visa’s service direct would be better then using CBA’s.

From what I can understand Mastercard Platinum allow banks to offer there own services while Visa has a centre for all it’s card holders. The different numbers on the web site you talked about are correct – the other number won’t be able to help you. From when I needed some assistance overseas not too long ago and had to call to the Mastercard Global Service to get to my concierge service it took them a few minutes to connect me to the right agent.

As for your last comment – yes Visa Platinum is better in my view hence why I am in the process of changing to Visa Platinum from Mastercard Platinum with CBA.


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Feb 5, 2008
Visa's Platinum Privileges program is also pretty good from a rewards perspective...lots of nice discounts.

yo yo ma

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Mar 15, 2007
CBA give you a free gold card if you have their Wealth package (professional package). The Wealth package costs $350pa but has other benefits.
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Aug 19, 2006
With CBA you will not be able to get a Platinum Visa unless you have a 12K limit for migrations, whereas MasterCard Platinum they offer them from 8k.
The application form online does not have Visa because the CBA prefers MasterCard. If you wish to apply for Visa call 132221 (Press option 2 option 5 ##) for the application and you can get a Platinum Visa over the phone.
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