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Calling all Qantas Frequent Fliers - your candid views please

Jun 7, 2013
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Just saw the segment on 7.30. A bit of an unfocused story trying to cover too many aspects of the industry in a short time.
With the exception of a failure to mention the shocking (un)punctuality of all the domestic airlines and for some routes like MEL - SYD - MEL, cancellation percentages, and QFi's similarly poor performance on these measures, it was a good story that summarised the issues.

The media has to compress stories. It isn't writing a Papal encyclical or thesis.

One would have to live in Lotus Land not to believe that VA won't make operational staff cuts. If it cuts frequencies or some routes wholesale, why would one have staff sitting around doing nothing? Natural staff turnover is unlikely to create sufficient vacancies to soak up any displaced staff. Even if it did, the 'shortages' might be in radically different locations.

Although QF may be relatively better off, given passenger numbers are declining - MEL - SYD - MEL dropped 3.3 per cent in a recent month compared with the same month a year ago - this must be reducing the shifts to be filled. Maybe QF simply won't fill vacancies when staff retire (or in a few cases, pass away or are incapacitated.)

One wonders if the bottom in declining passenger numbers has been reached. I hypothesise 'no.'


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May 31, 2012
Well it was brief.

Pet Owners fly VA

And an AFF plug for full-service

And then out came the rage by the Union afraid of loss of members - but what of QF recent change where less baggage will be loaded ? Change to international carry-on baggage policy in premium cabins

I don’t see an industry in crisis. I see normal ups and downs of business cycles where things come and go... this idea of perpetual growth is rubbish With an ever higher baseline , growth rates shrink especially when saturation of a product occurs . Eg prices of computers and TVs. Cheap airfares. Ever higher home loans, unpaid Credit card debt capped by spenders incapacity to repay and banks risk limits, plus Ebay, and the big burning A draining cash out of local markets buying the exact same goods at a quarter of the price! In my former agency, there hadn’t been a downslide in “endless” travel. In fact, it ramped up with much more international forum travel.

PS They ought complain about the taxi fares to the airport $88 and still not there !