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best way to spend overseas? just realised the fees on virgin cards for OS transaction


Apr 30, 2005
Do you have a link to this one? I assume the annual fee is hefty.
It's $212 per annum for the Diners Club card on it's own or $299 for double the points earn and a Mastercard combo with the Diners Club. Like Qantas Money and Virgin Money cards, Diners Club in Australia is run by Citibank. Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 18.58.35.png

I was in Athens recently and the lounge affiliated with Diners Club was awesome. Ironically they were turning away Priority Pass holders as they said there was no room. However, Diners was no problem and frankly, there was plenty of space in the lounge. It was far, far, better than the BA affiliated lounge I used a few days later when travelling in the BA version of Business, Club Europe.

In Australia, it's not so great. I think the lounges are mainly limited to REX.

Also, in Oz you'll need to get used to people saying things like 'I haven't seen one of these cards before...' Acceptance is a bit patchy and their IT is clunky. But it's good for SQ points earn and transfer, lounge access and as per the post topic, no transaction fees overseas.

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 20.01.33.png
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