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best seats in qantas first?

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Junior Member
Aug 24, 2007
Hello to all.
I have just joined this great site as I am relocating to New Zealand later this year.
I will be travelling back to the UK at New Year on a first class rtw ticket and have not flown Qantas First before - will be on them from SYD to JFK.
I was wondering which seat to try and secure as I dont' know the cabin.
I will be travelling on my own and know that I will want a window seat but how close are the seats on the first row? I know that sometimes they can be v close.
Was wondering about a window on Row 3?
All comments gratefully received.
Thank you and looking forward to exploring this great resource.


Jul 10, 2006
I would go 2A/K not as private as 1A/K but a nice window seat. You are one lucky sonafogun to be flying F :)
Nov 4, 2006
Are you QFF Platinum? If so, I would take 4A/4K for the extra bench space to spread out.

If not, I would plump for 1A/K over 2A/K.

But, as is often said, there is no bad seat in F.


Established Member
Sep 2, 2005
As mentioned, there are no bad seats in F. I had 2A from SYDSFO two years ago and 3A on the way back, and last year 2A both ways. I think 2A is a great seat if you are travelling alone, good window/s view, and plenty of room around you (actually there is plenty of room around all seats in F) You could also check out Flying with Us - Travel Classes - First


Nov 9, 2006
Row 1 is nice and private but you are right by the wardrobe in the nose - only a (minor) issue when leaving as everyone seems to get changed into the pajamas at once. Any of the window seats are great - the configuration is 1-2-1 so you never have to climb over your neighbour.


Established Member
Mar 20, 2006
Hawkeye said:
Are you QFF Platinum? If so, I would take 4A/4K for the extra bench space to spread out.
I agree, but you need to be careful, because if a pax with a bub books they will be given priority for these seats. Thus you may end up in the middle seats. Yes all seats in F are good, but some are better than others


Aug 27, 2004
LT Gold
My Map
Here is the way I see it (for window seats), and each person has different priorities on the different criteria:

Row 1 - Window views are almost forward facing, providing exceptional viewing. Can get some disruption from crew and passengers accessing the coat cupboard between 1A and 1K, but that is mostly as people are changing into or out of pyjamas. Some people like the extra seclusion of row 1, others find it a little claustrophobic as your feet end up between the aircraft wall and the closet. There are no overhead lockers at row 1.

Row 2 - fairly well forward so only row 1 pax to walk past to get to the lav. Slightly forward facing view, but not as much as row 1. Overhead lockers may need to be shared with row 1 pax, and access to the locker requires standing in the seat 2E/F position which makes locker access very difficult if 2E/F is sleeping. The aisle is narrowest at row 2, so you are closer to your cross-aisle passenger than at any other row.

Row 3 - Window view does not really benefit much from the curvature of the nose, so not really forward facing view. The aisle is widest at row 3, so windows pax are furthest from cross-aisle neighbours. Row 1 and 2 pax must walk past row 3 to get to the lav. Good access to overhead locker.

Row 4 - These are the bassinet positions, with the bassinet situated between the seat and the window. So when the bassinet is not being used for its baby-carrying purpose, the cover provides a large table area to store things such as laptop computer, iPod, menus, amenities, pillow etc. The view out the window is affected by the fact that you are sitting about 2 feet from the window. Good access to overhead lockers. All passengers in front walk past to get to the lav. You are closest to the galley.

My personal preference order is Rows 4, 1, 3, 2.
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