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Question Best OneWorld and Best Star Alliance and Best SkyTeam

Feb 25, 2020
just wondering if anyone can share what are the best frequent flyer programs for each of the three alliances.

My main initial criteria is earning the equivalent of gold status to get the ongoing loyalty benefits and best redemption miles/points.


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Mar 5, 2019
To start with, I'd ask :

1. Where are you based ?

FF programs based on the country you live might be easy to attain, retain and reap benefits

2. How often do you travel - domestically & internationally?

I ask this because, if you are based in Aus and fly a lot domestically, I'd suggest Virgin Australia because the ticket cost is relatively cheaper than Qantas and there's also the option to family pool credits and points - helps the primary member to ascend through the tiers quickly. If you fly a lot internationally, then I'd go with Qantas and the OneWorld alliance - more coverage, better connectivity etc etc

3. Having a points earning credit card also boosts the points tally - so you can consider this as well in your equation
Feb 25, 2020
Thanks for your inital comment.

I’m from Australia.

I travel internationally more often than domestically, so I’m more happy to route through my preferred airline‘s hub. I would prefer to gain status points/miles through Qantas and Virgin flights when I happen to travel domestically (so does that mean I‘m narrowed down to Kris Flyer, Alitalia, OneWorld airlines and the unaffiliated Etihad or Emirates?). But I’m ok to lose those points and just get status from flying through their hub internationally (so that might include airlines that have flights to Australia eg Asiana, Garuda, THAI, etc).

If I’m looking at an overseas airline program I’m unlikely to get a credit card to boost points.

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