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Assistance LAX BOG CTG

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Jun 21, 2016
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Hi all,

The Mrs. is being sent off to Colombia for a work trip and I'm considering joining her a week later in CTG. I'm considering using my Velocity points to get a SYD<->LAX return, and then fly from LAX<->Colombia.

However, the connections don't see too appealing, so could use some help.

My plan is :

1. Fly SYD<->LAX on VA1 (reward seats still available), get into LAX at 06:05am Sat 14th March.
2. Fly out LAX->BOG->CTG at 08:25pm on Avianca, getting to CTG at 08:41am on the 15th.

I'm not changing / looking for advice on the return leg as I'm sharing that with the Mrs.

The option above is priced decently, but makes me spend an entire day wandering around LA. Not the worst thing in the world, but it is a pretty long layover from 6am to 8pm. As this is a 'Y' ticket with Avianca on the way out, I don't have lounge access either since they're not a velocity partner.

What other options have I missed? I'm open to not flying into LAX, but can't find rewards seats with Velocity to other US destinations. Ideally I'd fly a shorter leg into SCL or some other South American destination, but velocity is a bit disappointing there.
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