Asia-Pacific Up To 20% Off Stays Through May 20, 2018 (Book By March 26)

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Sep 10, 2012
Most will have seen this on LoyaltyLobby. Includes Australian properties.

Hotel Deals | Seven Days, Super Savings in Asia Pacific - Up to 20% Discount!

Save up to 20% at any participating Marriott Rewards hotels across Asia Pacific. BOOK NOW!

Wherever you go in Asia Pacific, explore and experience the adventure of a lifetime with our best rates. Book between 20th - 26th March, 2018 and save up to 20 percent when you stay at any participating Marriott Rewards hotel from 23rd March to 20th May, 2018.

No matter you are booking your next stay for business or planning a vacation with your beloved ones, you can save and enjoy a lot more on your trip.

Offer is only valid for 7-days before 26th March 2018.
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