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ANZ FF Plat 50,000 Qantas points

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Feb 18, 2007
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Hi, am rather peeved off atm. Was wanting to check eligibility of offer as I had closed a previous ANZ card around 12months ago but thought still may have been under the year. Tried to ring several times but after waiting over 20 mins on mobile I gave up as did not know how much costing me. Tried landline also (didnt use at first as battery dosn't last long these days) but after 30 mins my phone battery also gave up.
Happened to be in a shopping centre one Sat morn and saw ANZ was open - so thought I might as well try and ask there.
Was asked to sit at a desk and explained this and told something like - that would be ok as they really only care if card was cancelled after 2 or 3 months - so would I like to apply now? Might as well I thought - but the only thing missing was my ff flyer no. - as of course was not prepared for this. We discussed adding my no. later to make sure I get bonus points. (She did go to another office at one time and thought she was checking with manager)
Tried to ring again later to add no, but same as before so decided to visit a branch (diff one). Was told there they would be on hold same as me but gave me access to my account to send email. Did this and mentioned points but reply told me not eligible. I replied again and explained above and was told I should ring complaints and given no.
Did this and was told they had to check with branch to see if anything could be done for me. Just got a call back, after over a week, and was told the branch where I applied said no mention was made of bonus points ie they did not discuss it - so therefore nothing can be done and I am not eligible!! I explained again - the reason enquired was to see if eligible - if not I would have waited or looked elsewhere!
Also told I had not yet spend minimum requirement - to which I said its not been 2 months year anyway (only a few weeks) and I had already spent over $2500. Reply was yes the minimum time not up yet but also the minimum spend was $5000. Queried that but told no it was $5000 so of course just checked the website again - and my computer says $2500 still - maybe theirs i different?
Sorry this is long winded - but not happy Jan!
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