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Aug 30, 2002
My partner and I have between us about 800,000 Qantas points. We wanted to do buisness class around the world about xmas, we tried about 3 months ago to do this and NO we cannot get on, booked out till the end of January.
I am not sure if you can do this but we would like to use some of our points (we accumulate mostly on our credit cards) by asking if on xmas day can we fly anywhere out of the country on our points, no destitnation in mind . Has anyone tried to use them by requesting to go anywhere, there is a spare frequent flyer seat available.? :?: The reason for the the frustration is my partner has left to go on a purchased world ticket, and he tried to get upgrades on some sectors. and NO to that as well. I just want to ring Qantas and ask for seats anytime anywhere any class



Jun 20, 2002
Anytime, Anywhere, Any Class


You may be lucky (and I stress may be lucky) that there are some flights that have spare seats flying out on Christmas Day (as longhaul flights are not popular for business or leisure travellers on Christmas Day).

Generally the FF seats have been taken by travellers who are able to plan and book anything up to 12 months in advance (most of us have troubles planning where to go next week) but if there are seats left over within about a week to go *that they don't think will be sold on a revenue basis), they then look to release seats to the "points" market. The class of travel in business class is known as U class (as distinct from J class for ordinary purchased seats). Don't forget that you also have to get the return flight back and be able to ticket it (or e-ticket it).

It will also depend on what level of FF you are (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) as to when you have to book it - generally, you need to book Award tickets with no less than 24 hours in advance (so this might defeat you being able to book it on the day, but maybe instead you have to book it on Chrismas Eve - at least then you know what to pack!!). If your partner has just gone on a RTW ticket, then he might be climbing the status ladder and you can use that to your advantage.

In July last year I "bought" a RTW Business Class using Oneworld carriers for 330,000 points (I went over the normal kms/miles limit so had to spend an extra 30,000 points), but I was LUCKY to get almost all the flights I wanted - only 1 was I unable to take the exact flight I wanted. Don't forget to check on your route all the oneworld carriers who may fly the route on the days you have specified - Qantas, British Airways, Cathay for example on some of the major routes, but also Finnair, Iberia, South African Airways, Alitalia, SAS etc).

Don't foget to check the Qantas website ( where they publish the routes where Award travel opportunities are still available.

Hope this helps...
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