Annual Card fee redemption scam.... warning - watch for this one...

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Jun 21, 2006
Last year (2005) I decided to redeem 23100 points to cover the annual card fee. This was 5 days after the annual fee had actually been charged.

I realised after I did this that since my fee had already been charged it would be applied to my 2006 annual card fee. Well surprise, surprise, I've just been charged the annual card fee of $150 for 2006 despite having redeemed points to cover this.

I called the altitude rewards centre who confirmed that I had in fact redeemed the points and I wasn't going mad. The operator very kindly called through to card services whilst I waited. They told her that it would need to be followed up at the altitude rewards centre and not the bank. I'm at least thankful that I wasn't given the run around. I am now waiting on Altitude Rewards to get back to me to advise what is to happen with the fee.

Just a word of warning to anyone else out there that has redeemed points to cover their annual fee. Make sure you don't get charged the fee!!
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