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Apr 23, 2013
A few months ago I was lucky enough to jag a F seat CDG to NRT, NH206, at the end of January 2015 to tack another month onto my holiday. Thanks LM ;-).

Until a few days ago I was the only person in the F cabin, but have noticed that two other seats are now taken on ExpertFlyer.

This being my first F jaunt, and being mad for Japanese food, I am really looking forward to the Japanese kaiseki menu.

Now there are a few more F Pax, and possibly more to come - what do you think the chances of me missing out and being stuck with the western menu are?

Or is it the case that they will cater for each passenger to have either the western or japanese by loading both complete meals for each passenger? Wasteful perhaps but at 14k a ticket a possibility.

Seems CDG-NRT is now being serviced by the 77W (New First Square and staggered J) and the non refurb 777 on a pretty much alternating basis which wasn't the case when the ANA sticky on FT was last updated. Excited to try the new F product and can feel a trip report in the works.



Apr 27, 2005
My suggestion would be to ring ANA and ask them to note in your booking that you want a Japanese meal.

While i would expect them to cater for all pax in F, it can't hurt to confirm it with them. I had a business class ANA flight Tokyo-China where I was the only westerner. They came to ask me if i could accept the western meal because everyone else wanted the Japanese.
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