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Amazing QF service from LAX to MEL last thursday!

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Mar 17, 2006
Wow. I had a discounted economy ticket from LAX to MEL and arrived saturday at 8am. The woman in charge provided awsome service and constantly asked if I needed anything, wanted anything, 'did I sleep well'... and so forth. I was a bit surprised so to speak... I'm a gold flyer, but still didn't expect that in discounted economy flying in row 71J. Oh well... one learn something every day. A pleasant surprise and I'm hoping that she'll be on my other flights as well!




Jun 20, 2002
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People's Choice Award - the winners!

People's Choice Award - the winners!


In the same vein...from QF April e-news:

Thank you to all of you who participated in the 2005 Awards. We received over 450 nominations, with the winners being:

# Kerry Goldring, Domestic Flight Attendant, nominated for exemplary customer care during an extended weather delay on a flight bound for the AFL grand final.
# Sally Mangels and Simon De Marchi, International Flight Attendants, who went above and beyond looking after an ill passenger on a flight from Sydney to Bangkok and then on the ground in Bangkok.
# Sally Parker, Customer Service Agent from Heathrow, who went to extraordinary lengths to show compassion by organising a family's flight home immediately following the sudden passing of the customer's father.
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