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*Alliance Awards from PER

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Apr 5, 2005
Hi all I've looked around for this topic without much success so sorry if someone has already gone over this.

I've just finished a RTWSTAR trip and have been accruing miles with United MP. The rewards chart shows that one requries 20k/30k/40k points for intra-AUS/NZ travel and 20k/40k/50k for AUS/NZ - Oceania (both return I am assuming).

1. Does this hold true for flights originating in Perth or do different numbers apply?
2. Is it possible to travel from say PER-SYD in this fashion, for example PER-AKL-SYD, for the same points above?

I have the Star Alliance applet - if we use Fiji (NAN) as an example the only two possiblities displayed are PER-SIN-AKL-NAN (around 20000 miles RT) and PER-AKL-NAN but I am unsure if these are both eligible routes for award travel. It seems strange that they would allow the former, since award travel to SIN alone eats up a lot of miles, but some days the latter does not run.

3. Has anyone had any experience booking *awards from perth?

Any advice appreciated!

Kiwi Flyer

Senior Member
Sep 24, 2004
Yes those amounts are for return travel.

1. Yup PER is included. But remember you can't transit through another region on those mileage amounts, so PER-SIN-ADL is not allowed for example.

2. PER-AKL-SYD probably is allowed, as long as within mileage allowance (or specified exception given the lack of *A alternatives).

PER-AKL-NAN is allowed at those mileage amounts, but PER-SIN-AKL-NAN would require 2 awards (not only going through another region but exceeding mileage allowance), PER-SIN + SIN-NAN.

3. Not me, but I know folk who have done PER-AKL-PPT as mileage plus award in business (fantastic value compared to paid fare).
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