All international travelers will be quarantined in hotels or designated facilities

Victoria has hit reset on hotel quarantine, with v2.0 to receive first guests on Dec 7. Key points:

- to be run by a new agency, COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria (CQV), which will be overseen by the Vic Corrections Commissioner with the Vic Police Minister taking overall responsibility

- all staff will be exclusively employed or contracted by CQV, and cleaners will work at only one site

- “Staff will be tested for coronavirus daily” - (unclear if this means all staff every day or just a selection) and members of their households will also be offered regular testing.
Note however that the article also references ‘voluntary testing’ for staff, so 🤷🏻‍♂️

- site management to be lead by Vic police with ADF support, and not a private security guard to be seen

- returned travellers to be offered “structured in-room activities” and “better meals”
Time will tell I guess

Well this is more like v3.0 as in Victoria as hotel quarantine kept running and in evolving ways since the second wave commenced. v#.00 does on paper include a number of enhancements, but will need to keep evolving.

The biggest change to me is that there is now apparently a much clearer line of responsibility and accountability.

Also remember that new breaches will occur (just look at the steady stream in NZ) maybe in Vic or maybe elsewhere in Australia and especially if we bring home all those Australians still stranded overseas, . So part of the system needs to be managing breaches as they occur including early detection.

We know in Australia that new outbreaks can be quenched, and that the earlier they are identified that the easier this task is.

We also need to not let the fear of new outbreaks keep borders blocked to Australia. We are a community which now knows how to manage these things. Mistakes yes will still occur, equipment may still malfunction and so we need to ensure enough redundancy in our systems (including testing, contact tracing etc) to handle these problems as they occur.

Prompt and appropriate action will mean that blunter tools like state lockdowns and interstate border controls will not be required.
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Taiwan and South Korea (and China) can and do use mobile phone locations to track quarantine breakers and contact tracings. Australia is a dumb country. The AFP already has this to track drug dealers etc. Maybe they are punching in contacts numbers, maybe not.
+1. Australia is a very dumb and young country.

So easy to track with a phone. We are all tracked anyway.

If q-teen was half reasonable and flexible in Australia "for all" I would consider coming back for a short period to visit family, my property and tidy things up.

Until then, northern hemisphere serves me just well.
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You forget that if you don't want to be tracked, you can just leave your phone at home. And it doesn't prevent people from visiting you and getting infected.