Airtrain Brisbane Compensation for late trains

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Dec 25, 2004
I'm sure this is new. Hmm

A few interesting things you must do to claim though! I can't see myself hitting the 'emergency' button on a train because I'm liable to miss my flight :confused:

Brisbane's Airtrain - Airtrain Guarantee
Airtrain Passengers that miss their flight as a result of a late running train will be reimbursed the cost of rescheduled flights, accommodation and transfers (up to A$400), subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

Terms & Conditions

1. What is the maximum I can recover?
The maximum amount that Airtrain will reimburse to each Airtrain Passenger is A$400.

2. What time do I need to have caught the train?
In Airtrain's Peak schedule (times listed in red) you must have caught a train scheduled to arrive at the Domestic / International station, by the earlier of:

1. 5 minutes before the time recommended by your airline to arrive at the airport terminal for check-in; or
2. 35 minutes before your flight's check-in closing time.
In Airtrain's Off-Peak schedule (times listed in green) you must have caught a train scheduled to arrive at the Domestic / International station, by the earlier of:
3. 35 minutes before the time recommended by your airline to arrive at the airport terminal for check-in; or
4. 65 minutes before your flight's check-in closing time.

See the table below for examples.

3. If my train is running late what should I do?
Airtrain Passengers must have made reasonable efforts to inform QR staff they are likely to miss their flight (by using the QR call button in the train carriage) and have followed QR's directions when making alternative transport arrangements to the airport.

4. What information should I provide?
An Airtrain Passenger wishing to make a claim must submit a completed Airtrain Guarantee Claim Form attaching copies of proof of purchase of the missed flight, the Airtrain ticket and all invoices that are requested to be reimbursed, within 60 days of the flight departure date to:

Brisbane's Airtrain
PO Box 66

5. Privacy
Airtrain Passengers receiving a payment under the Airtrain Guarantee consent to their personal information being given to QR for the purposes of assessing any claim.

6. Limitation of liability
To the extent permitted by law, Airtrain will not be held liable for any loss or damage (including but not limited to direct, indirect or consequential loss) or personal injury as a result of delayed train services, except to the extent otherwise provided for by the Airtrain Guarantee.

7. Release from any future liability
Airtrain Passengers receiving a payment under the Airtrain Guarantee release Airtrain from any other loss or liability in relation to the delayed journey.

8. Force Majeure
If train services are delayed by reason of a Force Majeure Event, the Airtrain Guarantee will not apply and Airtrain will not be responsible for any loss or expense suffered or incurred by any Airtrain Passenger as a result of the Force Majeure Event.

If affected by a Force Majeure Event, Airtrain will take all reasonable steps to avoid, remove or limit the effects of the Force Majeure Event on the performance of the suspended train services and will promptly re-commence performing the suspended train services as soon as reasonably possible.

9. Non-transferable
The benefit of the Airtrain Guarantee is personal to the Airtrain Passenger and can not be transferred to any other person.

10. Airtrain decision is final
A claim under the Airtrain Guarantee will be assessed by Airtrain, and the decision of Airtrain is final.

11. Definitions
Airtrain means Airtrain Citylink Limited ACN 066 543 315.
Airtrain Passenger means a person holding a ticket for an Airtrain service and a flight from Brisbane Airport.
Force Majeure Event means any cause outside the reasonable control of Airtrain or QR and which could not have been prevented or avoided by that party taking all reasonable steps.
QR means Queensland Rail.

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Aug 2, 2006
The emergency button just patches you through to the guard or driver; there are no alarms or brakes that engage. If possible (if you're on a 3 car or the rear set of a 6-car) you'd be better off going down and talking to the guard (knock on their door) and having a chat.

Nov 28, 2006
Now, perhaps with this focus on - on time performance, maybe they can fix their “next train in XX minutes” signs - to post the actual arrival of the train, rather than the timetabled arrival!

Standing at the International station the other day, I was alongside a gaggle of bemused foreigners, as we watched the count down progress - for the next train to domestic to arrive. Oddly, at; “train arriving”, no train arrived, then the system reset for the next train (once this phantom train had departed), and by the time we got to “next train in 12 minutes”, a train actually arrived.

A hilarious welcome to Australia for all, I am sure! [Well except those struggling with English, left wondering just what their trip to Australia had installed for them.]
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