Air France and KLM awards on the way?


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Jun 19, 2006
One of the flights that booked (CGD-NRT with AF) was not showing online for me, but when I phoned up the QF guy found it. However, there was another example where reward availability was showing on the AF site, but not on QF, and when I phoned QF, they could not book it either.

So it seems that sometimes AF rewards don't show online via the QF site even if they are available to QFF members; and sometimes AF blocks reward sites from partner FF members.

It's not uncommon for availability to vary across programs. With QF, it seems quite common for QR to make more award seats available to oneworld carriers other than Qantas.

Here's another quirk: las year I found 4xJ DUB-CDG-SIN with AF on the QF site, but I could not find availability for the CDG-SIN leg on its own, or indeed from any other starting point that I tried other than DUB. I called QF about that too, thinking it was just a glitch, but it was exactly the same for them - i.e. the only option was to start in DUB. I assume there is some sort of "married segment" issue there.

As you say, that would almost certainly be married segments. Cathay is notorious for it. Perhaps AF is too.
Sep 16, 2017
I tried to get a J SIN-CDG on AF:

  • No availability for my dates on Qantas web site, but some a few days later.
  • Hips of availability on expert flyer for my dates
  • I tried to call to see if Qantas could get those award seats that are showing up in expert flyer, no luck. I took the EK via DXB option then.
Unclear to me if it's married segments, or limited availability for Qantas.
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