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AFF & Clifford Reichlin... in the news

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Jun 18, 2002
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Thanks Lindsay.

I think its important for QF Frequent Flyer members to understand the implications of the changes to the QF program - especially those who will be most impacted, such as members who are after upgrades. The official Qantas literature can be a little confusing at times.

Much of the SMH article was sourced from a discussion I had with the journalist and an article on the Frequent Flyer Club's News Watch. For the benefit of readers of this forum who are not members of The Frequent Flyer Club, I have arranged special access so they can read the article:

Go to www.frequentflyerclub.com.au, click on the 1st item in News Watch. You will be asked for a UserName and Password. Enter “qantaschange” for Username and “password” for Password. Note that this temporary login which will allow access to that article only.


Jan 2, 2003
But really, if Qantas wanted to reward the business / full fare passengers, why are we ALL being slugged for higher points needed for upgrades / status credits for upgrades ?

To put this in perspective, (from my understanding) if I go and fly D/J all the time, I still earn the same status credits / points. But I will now have to fly that little bit more on the same class to get an upgrade that cost me 250 credits before, instead of 450 very soon. I'll also have to fly more and earn more points before I can use them to upgrade. To put this in perspective, that's another FRA-SIN run in J that I have to do, plus a zone 2 run, e.g. SIN-PER in economy to earn those extra 200 credits.

If they wanted to look after the full fare people, they have taken one step (which is to change the fare structure and include other fare classes as full economy), but to increase the points/credits needed to upgrade will make it more difficult for EVERYONE, not just the full fee payers. It is difficult enough as it is with discount economy fares to get upgrade credits and status already, but this will hit all of us.

If they wanted to make it more enticing to buy the full fees, they should at least do something to counterbalance this increase in points, because the points increases affect all of us.
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