AA Challenge + A Few Questions

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Jun 3, 2006
Hi all,

Well after a long period of using FT as a resource, I believe this is post #1!

And it's not even for my own benefit... my questions today relate to a friend of mine who is coming to Melbourne from Puerto Rico.

FF Programs for her (she's not a member of anything) never really crossed my mind in great detail - I figured I'd just enroll her into QFF and be done with it. However I heard about this AA Platinum Challenge and have now been slaving away, trying to find the easiest way to get her there. She'll be going to and fro a little over the next little while and Lounge access + Business Class Check-in would both be useful to her.

The current route, incidentally, is SJU-LAX-MEL on AA/QF.

Things of relevance are below:

1) I have no idea of what fare code she's booked into - I have seen anything that would tell me. That said, she's changed her flight dates twice already, so that would lead me to assume that she's not in a deep discount code and should probably at least qualify for the SJU-LAX at 1:1 points (3380).

2) LAX-MEL she obviously has two options: QF operated by QF or AA operated by QF. Depending on what fare code she's on, things start to get hazy here. From what I gather, certain fare codes exist where if it's ticketed as a QF flight, she'll only get 0.5:1, whereas if it was ticketed AA she'll get 1:1. Is this the case?

3) Before any of this crossed my mind, I assumed she'd go as a normal QF passenger, and I'd then use the old man's incredibl(y reluctant) charity to put her on the upgrade waitlist (she's eligible under him). He's QC Plat (although he may be CL now, as he did say something about it not long ago - no idea), so there'd probably be a somewhat reasonable chance. As an AA pax, this is not an option. I'm then assuming her only option would be to buy 16 AA Upgrade Credits and hope that she gets an AA upgrade to QF Business - although that's $480 US down the drain if that fails. Any other options there?

4) Is there any other option that I'm myopically excluding that would make it possible for her to stay on the QF #, thus making 3) above a non-issue?

5) Is the AA Challenge the best/only thing I should be looking at here?

6) She'll also be going to both Sydney and Perth during the 90 days, if that helps.

7) As above, I don't know what fare she's on and therefore don't know if she's able to fly CX and BA - although once again, codeshares might make this a non-issue? I will look into her fare asap!

Finally, if this is all started after 16 June this year, she'll get AA Plat until Dec 31, 2007, correct?

I think that's about it. Comments/suggestions/flames/etc would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Dave Noble

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Oct 10, 2005
Have you read the sticky thread in the Tips forum since details of qpoint earning is all well documented there

Start the challenge on the 16th June and status will last till end feb 2008

Almost certainly want to take the AA codeshare on QF for a good chance of 1qpoint per mile flown and easily complete the challenge ( and of course better mileage earning)

Cannot upgrade a QF flight using AA points at all
(1) only AA Gold/PLT/EXP members can use upgrade credits for the flight ( unless in B or Y class )
(2) upgrade credits can only be used for "domestic" AA flights
(3) upgrade credits can not be used on codeshare flights

SJU-LAX-SYD on an AA flight number will very likely complete the challenge on its own

Find out the booking class and a detailed appraisal is easier to make

It would sound to me that an AA challenge would be v worthwhile

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