$50 Bonus off First Transaction by doing a Instarem money transfer.


Dec 15, 2013
$50 Prezzee Gift Card for Referrer and $50 off Referee's First Transaction ($200 Minimum) on Instarem

Here’s your opportunity to get AUD 50 Prezzee Gifts Cards.
Refer as many friends you want and earn AUD 50 Prezzee gift card that you can use at stores such as Coles, Myers, H&M etc. on each successful referral. We will also treat your friend with a $50 bonus on their first transaction as a welcome gift. That’s not all! You will get 400 InstaPoints and your friend will also get 475 InstaPoints as per Instarem’s existing referral programme https://www.Instarem.com/referrals-info.

Minimum transfer is $200 as per this link

Steps :
sign up using a Referral Code. click here to use mine
enter coupon: 310GETSTARTED when you go to send your money transfer of a minimum $200 and you get an AUD 50 discount on the first transaction.(thus only pay $150)

Coupon 310GETSTARTED can be used by your friend only on her/his first transaction. Value for coupon 310GETSTARTED is AUD 50.

The Prezzee Smart eGift Card can be swapped for many types gift cards of your choosing.

I used a referral code and added the 310GETSTARTED coupon to send funds to my own overseas account via payid. If you have a Transfer wise account i guess you could send it there and then back into Aud an account. I got $50 off and had to paid a $1.99 fee. However with fees the rate was only about 1 pound difference from the stated rate on www.x-rates.com so it was very competitive. It was instant. My funds arrived within 1 minute before i even entered my payment reference number.
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