50,000 miles & lifetime status?

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Jan 29, 2005
Now JAL has officially joined oneworld, I'm wondering if their JAL Global Club (JGC) will become attractive to Australian residents? From my understanding, it is similar to the ANA SuperFlyers Card, without the qualifying restrictions.

That is, fly 50,000 miles this year (or less - see JAL Mileage Bank - FLY ON Point(For Our Most Frequent Flyers)) and you'll be invited to apply for their club card and/or affiliated credit card. Simply keep the card(s) active and you'll get many mid-tier status benefits e.g. priority check-in/ backage, extra baggage allowance, lounge access etc.

I haven't looked at the program in detail, but if it's similar to the ANA one, then it seems a great way to achieve/ maintain mid-tier oneworld status indefinitely, or at least until the rules change...

Some details can be found here:
JAL Mileage Bank - JAL Global Club(JGC)
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