Card Promotions 100k Velocity points offer with ANZ Platinum card (apply by 15/11/24)

Aug 21, 2011
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ANZ has a new Velocity points offer on its Rewards Platinum credit card.

You can still get 100,000 ANZ Rewards points as a sign-up bonus (worth 50K Velocity points). But if you opt in to Velocity auto-redemption and keep it turned on, you'll get 70,000 bonus Velocity points for spending $2,000 within the first 3 months. If you keep the card for more than 15 months you'll get another 30,000 Velocity points.

Annual fee is $149.

about to apply for an ANZ card after cancelling my St Georges' and just came across the Reward Platinum which nets you 170k points that works out to be 85k VFF points since I don't plan on keeping the card for > 15 months for the additional 30k with a $149 annual fee while the Rewards Black gets you 180k points with $375 annual fee, seems to me it's better value to get the platinum and switch on auto renewals?

edit: never mind, upon further inspection it looks like the Rewards Platinum deal is structured to be either VFF (70k + 30k) or ANZ rewards (100k) and not combined
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I don't believe this is correct. If you visit the Velocity Promo page you will see this card does not have the same "Get an extra 30,000 Velocity Points... when you apply by 15 July 2024.* that most of the other cards listed have.

See: Velocity Frequent Flyer Card Bonus Points 2024"
Hmm I see. I'm a bit confused as to why it's listed on the promotions page then. Bit deceptive
How long before they send you the email to get the points?

I cleared it almost immediately and a month later still nothing.

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