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    Enjoy Qantas Valet or a Chauffeured Transfer on offer from Qantas

    You wouldn't be disappointed with the Sydney F lounge - possibly the best in the world.
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    WP in-flight experience on-board Emirates

    Don't get your hopes up if you've been to the SYD or MEL QF First lounge. The EK lounge is vast but I find it a bit soulless. Direct boarding from the lounge is impressive though. EK also performs the direct boarding trick from their lounge at LHR t3.
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    Soft landing question Platinum one to Platinum with partner gold?

    Surely we all will be in this situation eventually?! I really don't want to die a P1, a little time with family first would be nice... ;)
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    Soft landing question Platinum one to Platinum with partner gold?

    I'd be surprised if the landing was down to Partner Gold as PG is only one of several options now upon reaching 2,400SCs. I would though be disappointed if the landing was down to Gold given how hard it is to reach P1, particularly the QF-code only element (no Qantas flights to India, grumble...
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    Jack/Kate Spade Pack

    Ladies pack is quite nice but the mens one is nothing to write home about...
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    Life beyond LTG: Would you stick with Qantas if...

    I may be wrong but this thread isn't about switching the airline you fly with; it's about changing which FF scheme you credit points to. ie you can still fly with QF but be an AA EXP rather than a QF WP.
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    Life beyond LTG: Would you stick with Qantas if...

    I wonder whether the introduction of P1 has changed other members' strategy. Prior to P1, I had considered switching to crediting points to AA once I'd hit LTG (as AA EXP is equivalent to QF WP) but now I'm sticking with crediting flights to QFF in order to retain P1 each year.
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    QF wins an award for its P1 concept and launch

    I scored an LHR-MEL J to F upgrade on my first flight after P1. :)
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    Miss out on P1 by 17 days

    Has anyone heard of a P1 being comp'd P1 again after just missing out?
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    Jump to the front of the queue for the new Qantas Card

    Just accepted the offer. The lure of a white P1 card overruled my fear of being branded a lazy bogan!
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    Unpublished QF WP benefits

    I wouldn't extrapolate this level of service and assume that MAS will provide it worldwide. Service in India is always "people heavy" due to the relatively low labour costs. I've been escorted all the way to the lounge in BOM by BA when flying J but it's always hit and miss.
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    New First Class Amenities, Business Class Menu

    Hope I didn't offend Team Beige! The BA First PJs are more of a dark blue than black - QF probably wanted them to be slightly different so that they could know their enemy...
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    New First Class Amenities, Business Class Menu

    A definite improvement on the previous beige ones!
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    Singapore QF/BA lounge new changes

    Did you get in as a WP or a P1? P1s and CLs have been using the Emirates lounge for some months due to the work on the Qantas lounges. Your email suggests that WPs are also now able to use the Emirates Lounge (which is much better than the old QF Flounge).
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    Is Qantas Platinum Status too easy to earn?

    I wasn't referring to the 4 flights requirement, I was instead referring to another poster's suggestion that WP should have a relatively high "QF Metal only" 700 SC requirement.